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Once in awhile, you stumble across someone whose story truly moves you. Amy Kress is one of those people. Her tale is one of immense resiliency and creativity in the face of life’s unexpected obstacles. Yet, it is not a tale that calls for pity, because Amy’s story and character indicate nothing but strength and authenticity.

The contemporary electronic/pop artist was born in Canada, but grew up in Saudi Arabia and traveled often. She moved to the United States in 2001 and now calls Lakewood, CO her home, along with her two children and pets. Music has been an integral part of her life since she was young; she was active in high school choir, jazz band, and was skilled at the piano and french horn. Only until recent years, music remained a private aspect of Amy’s life.



In 2011, Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time. While she had always exhibited musical talent, this was a turning point.

“We all have those things that we say to ourselves ‘One day I’ll do it. One day, one day.’ But with that diagnosis, I realized that ‘one day’ needed to happen now.”

And with that, her mission became clear: to tap into her passion and record music. She began working with The Spot Studios and within five months, the entire 14-track album Secret Music was recorded. The album is a delicious blend of songs that showcase her vocal talent. Her music holds the stellar combination of rhythms you can get down to both on a dance floor and alone in your living room.


September 2014, just as Amy began co-writing and recording her second album, she was diagnosed with cancer again. Yet what some may call a setback only further propelled Amy to continue her success with creating music. Since then, she has released the song ‘Iceland,’ with a gorgeous accompanying music video (which BolderBeat covered here). ‘Iceland’ has a melody that elicits emotion. What that emotion may be for you, I cannot say, but it’s a song that I’ve played on repeat, and that, I think, says something.

Amy’s music cuts to the root of the emotional experience. It places you in vulnerable situations where you lose yourself, where you are unmasked, and where you come out on the other side stronger. What I appreciate about her the most is, on top of her incredible talent, she tells her story with such candor and sincerity that it’s hard not to admire the hell out of her. She is an individual who has approached some of life’s most difficult experiences and said, “Screw this- I’m doing what I want to do. Now.”

Be on the lookout for Amy’s upcoming music, as she anticipates another full length album to be released later this spring. You can check out her website for the latest news, music, videos, and merchandise. And for an even closer look into Amy’s musings, take a peek at her personal blog.

Listen to Amy’s Secret Music:


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