Intro: Montropo


It’s haunting. It’s dreamy. It’s Montropo. With a style that blends Spanish-influenced guitar with the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, Montropo crafts memorable songs that incorporate classical and pop influences into a folk and rock music blend.

After years of writing and refining songs, lead singer and guitarist, Andrés Diaz recorded Montropo’s debut album Follow Me (2015) at Silo Studios and Consonance Productions. However, in the last two years, there have been quite a few changes, including the addition of band members Josh Fuson (drums) and Jordan Roos (bass). Montropo is in the midst of an exciting transformation, and they couldn’t be more excited to share their music with the world.

Follow Me is a colorful, yet melancholic album that is hard not to love. It beckons listeners to self-reflect and also observe the world. “A Woman So Kind” resembles a gentle waltz similar to The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood”. Diaz’s intricate guitar work and vulnerable tenor vocals explore a range of feelings and experiences. Songs such as “Cathedral” and the title track “Follow Me” have a surreal, dream-like feel, while songs such as “Brother, Stay” are more upbeat.

The band name, Montropo, originated from a character in a short story Diaz wrote. But what started off as a playful name actually became something even more intriguing. Diaz later realized that the name Montropo can also be interpreted as meaning “my turn” or “my change,” combining the French word “mon” (“my”) and the Greek prefix “tropo” (“change,” “reaction,” or “turn”).

Now a trio, Montropo delivers energetic live performances, while still holding true to their focus on memorable melodies and harmonies. The band just played at the 2016 Underground Music Showcase, where they performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Gary Lee’s Motor Club & Grub.

With a new band makeup, a number of new songs being written, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of music, great things are in store for Montropo. Their music reflects a dark, disillusioned way of life, while also celebrating its diversity and poetic nature. Their musical metamorphosis is not one to miss, so be sure lookout for their upcoming releases.


Original Article: “Might Fine Folk: Meet Montropo”