Get Along – Karaoke


On top of their shows and raising their infant daughter, Laika, the pair just recorded two live performance sessions at The Spot Studios for their songs “DNA” and “Karaoke,” both of which will be featured on their upcoming album.

Karaoke“, which was officially released today, harnesses Get Along’s gift for the odd, the visceral, and the vibrant. It definitely tips its hat to their soul, punk, and electronic musical style, and it carries its own unique message within it.

The song starts off with a low rhythmic synth beat, almost something you’d expect to hear in a cultish noir film like Blade Runner; the tempo builds until it’s surprisingly met with Cara’s ukulele-playing, which takes you to a sunny, beach-side paradise. With this unique pairing, your expectations for this song are already shaken, and your attention is held. Cara’s vocals are solemn, powerful, and moving, and all the while Nick gradually incorporates his drum playing, until the song reaches a punk rock crescendo, with the two singing in unison.

  •   September 30th, 2016

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    Get Along

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