Mawule – Anything (ft. DJ Zenas)


R&B artist and activist Mawule has released yet another powerful music video for his enthusiastic listeners. On June 18th, Mawule released his music video for “Anything,” a single off of his 2016 album, Chosen. Just in time for Father’s Day, the video tells an uplifting, heartfelt tale, shedding positive light on the black male image.

Directed by Mia Ginaé, “Anything” has a cinematic quality that is fine-tuned, crisp, and feels, at times, like a short film. Incorporating shots of Denver’s Union Station and the surrounding area, the video gives viewers a ‘day in the life’ feel that pulls them right into the story.

The video focuses on the love between a father (played by Mawule) and his daughter (played by Kennedy the Diva). With the opening lines “I may not have much, to give you/Don’t have dollar signs, to my name/Money doesn’t mean, a thing to me/So what you see girl, is what you get with me, yeah,” Mawule sets the tone for the song.

The video briefly follows the lives and relationships of three other fathers with their children, as well as a couple. “Anything” manages to take a topic that can easily feel forced and staged, and make it so genuine that it’s impossible not to have a smile while watching it. The video features real-life relationships, and displays them in a way that is authentic.

  •   June 18th, 2017

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