Mawule – Reflections EP


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Coming from Ghana, Africa, Mawule is an example of striving through hardship and pursuing dreams despite said hardship. Contrast Control happily welcomes Mawuleinto the family as he shares via an interview with me about his life, music, and drive to move forward to a bright future.

Mawule’s latest EP, Reflections, Is a testament to how hard work and persistence can create beautiful music. Mainly a message of love and not giving up on it, Reflectionscreates in 3 songs what most artists have to do in 10 or 11.

In my time listening to Mawule I’ve found great joy in the soft harmonizing of his voice with top notch beats that truly immerse me or anyone in the theme of love. RnB is a genre close to my heart as it to anyone else’s. At some point in our lives we feel love and the loss of it. But with Mawule, we all can recapture that feeling of satisfaction love can give us.

  •   July 29th, 2014

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